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"A fit body, nourished spirit and a focused mind manifest peace, balance and wealth."


Daniel Crouch is a health & wellness expert, lifestyle coach, speaker and founder of True Balance Health and Wellness.

After graduating from the University of Texas, Daniel traveled extensively throughout the US, Europe and South America teaching his clients how to initiate the behavioral modifications necessary to add wholeness, balance and health to their lives.

“I believe with proper nutrition, exercise and a balanced lifestyle that we can live robust, disease-free lives without the need for expensive pills, surgeries or physical limitations.”

Daniel lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife Lindsey and their dog Caiden.


Lindsey Crouch is a health-supportive, organic personal chef and lifestyle coach. She is a member of the United States Personal Chef Association and works alongside her husband, Daniel, to create all inclusive wellness programs of food and fitness for their clients.

Born in Albuquerque, NM, where food is a large part of the history and culture, she developed an appreciation for locally-grown foods and big flavors. She attended college in Texas, and much to her surprise, green chile was not an option at every restaurant, drive-in or pizza place! Her palate began to change, as she was weaned off the New Mexico “heat”. Though her first love of New Mexican food was much different than her new home’s Tex-Mex, she liked this lighter and somewhat cleaner style of mexican food, not slathered in chile sauce. Then it was off to NYC for her first job out of college. This was a whole new fiesta, like, Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore! Given the amazing blessing of having to wine and dine her business clients, she experienced the best cuisines that NYC had to offer. Many weeks she would eat at two or three of the city’s best restaurants, including: David Burke & Donatella, La Esquina, Tao, Nobu, Mr. Chow, Per Se and the list goes on. Lindsey almost died in fabulous food heaven, making sure to relish each bite, as she did not want it to be her last! While in NYC, she and her two roommates would host an annual Thanksgiving Dinner for a dozen of their friends. Lindsey loved spoiling their taste buds with extra cheesy gratin potato casserole, corn bread stuffing, her infamous “love dip” that might have been the cause of her “love handles” and a special treat from back home, bacon-wrapped, pineapple cream cheese-stuffed jalapenos!

Then things really changed as she was taken away from the big city and transplanted into Dallas. But this change, like all the others, was good - especially for her waistline! She got engaged to health and wellness guru, Daniel Crouch, and if she wanted to keep her man happy and healthy, she would have to take on a whole new way of healthful cooking. She started reading magazine after magazine for helpful hints and recipes for her new organic lifestyle. She got a garden in a garden co-op so she could grow her own organic vegetables and herbs. Then Daniel’s clients started to probe, saying they were receiving all of the physical benefits from their workouts with him, but what they should eat?? That’s when the light went off and Lindsey said, well I know how to cook light and I’d be delighted to help! So off she was to the USPCA to learn how to become a personal chef!
She loves to continue researching foods, recipes and nutrition. And she is excited to live in Dallas where she gets all four seasons and new plentiful produce and new recipes for each one!

"I believe that the best way to maintain a balanced life is to consume all natural, organic food. What you eat today will have a tremendous effect on how you feel spiritually, mentally and physically in the near and distant future. You can either invest in your health now and enjoy a higher quality of life, or spend your savings on needless medications, surgeries and rehabilitation when you're older. Believe me, prioritizing your nutrition is worth it."


Steven Block is a graduate of the State University of NY at Geneseo where he received his B.A. in Computer Science. 

A Health and nutrition enthusiast, he is working with Daniel and Lindsey to spread the word of Balancing one's life between diet, nutrition, exercise and faith to reach one's full potential.

Steven lives in Dallas with his 3 dogs, Angel, Rosario and Winston.



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