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True Balance Vacations

Vacation Well. Be Well.

Ever get back from a vacation needing to lose a few pounds?  Ever come back more stressed out than when you left?  Ever returned from a vacation telling your friends you need a vacation to recover from your vacation? 

TrueBalanceVacations© was designed to satisfy the essential need for a peaceful rest as you experience incredible food from our personal chef, entertaining activities led by our Wellness Guide and the stress reduction that a beautiful getaway in God’s country will surely provide.  All this for the same cost of a typical getaway vacation or cruise.

During a True Balance Vacation, you'll start every morning with a healthy, hand made breakfast as well as instruction available on how to continue this great practice long after your vacation is over.

Following your breakfast there will be some time set aside for meditation in nature or some casual conversation, then it's off to an enjoyable activity like riding horses, riding a 4 wheeler, a walk on the beach or up a mountain trail, a swim in the ocean, or maybe just a leisurely afternoon fishing in a nearby stream. 

Depending on the activity of the day, a healthy, yet delicious lunch will either be packed for you to enjoy during your day trip or one will be made back at our accommodations.

Afternoons can be as simple as a weight-free exercise session with Coach Daniel, a cooking class with Chef Lindsey or maybe some shopping in one of the picturesque towns our vacations are located in.

Dinner will be hearty; a healthy meal sure to fill your body, and for those who choose optional prayer or silent meditation, an opportunity to revitalize your soul. Whichever activities you decide to enjoy, our vacations are designed to leave you more aware of nature, fitness, nutrition and healthy choices as you return home less stressed and completely rejuvenated.

If you'd like to see a quick slide show from our July True Balance Vacations in Crested Butte, Colorado, just click play on the video below:

"Lindsey and Daniel Crouch provide wellness vacations for individuals, couples and corporations in exclusive locations throughout the United States. While on vacation our clientele learn the behavior modifications that ensure a lifestyle of health, wellness and peace."

Soundtrack: "You and Me", Dave Matthews Band

If you are interested in being emailed when details of our next TrueBalanceVacation is being schedule, just email your name and email address to

Written by DanielCrouch, True Balance Health and Wellness
Personal Trainer & Wellness Guide.

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