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What's Your Milk Mustache Made of?

The Benefits and problems with various types of Milk

Like many kids who wanted to grow up to be big and strong, I consumed a lot of dairy milk. I mean come on, it’s milk, everybody drinks milk. Even my childhood doctor told us, “It makes your teeth strong and your bones hard.”

But according to Paul Zane Pilzner, author of The Wellness Revolution, “everybody” is wrong?

“Milk and milk by products are leading contributors to the $1.5 trillion sickness industry- milk causes allergies, gas, constipation, obesity, cancer, heart disease, infectious diseases, and osteoporosis.”

“Far more concern than contributing to osteoporosis, milk contains hormones and carries infectious diseases. A typical cow in nature can produce up to 10 pounds of milk per day, whereas today’s tortured modern dairy cows produce up to 100 pounds of milk per day. This is because cows today are given massive amounts of specialized hormones like bovine growth hormone (BGH) to increase milk production- making their udders so large they often drag on the ground. This results in frequent infections and the need for constant antibiotics…”

Yes, “Udders so large that they often drag the ground.” That’s downright foul. At first I couldn’t, wouldn’t believe it, but then I thought about it, and it all became clear. Commercialized cows are like milk factories. They don’t graze in fields, or stroll around the pasture anymore. They deliver milk all day long.

But the most disgusting fact is yet to come,“…the USDA allows drinking milk to contain from 1 to 1.5 million white blood cells (Pus) per milliliter. These growth hormones, antibiotics, and pus remain in the milk after processing which causes dire medical consequences for people, especially children who consume dairy products…these same hormones are also a major cause of the increase in breast cancer in adults as they cause malignant tumors in the human breast to grow as though they were tortured cows’ udders filled with BGH.”

“Despite the fact that numerous consumer groups have called for milk containing BGH and other hormones to be banned or at least labeled as such, the FDA continues to bow to the ADA lobbyists and refuses to ban such hormones or require milk to be so labeled.”

The ADA (American Dairy Association) does have a pretty good PR campaign going with “Got Milk?”. Nascar winners with glass jars on victory lane and all the famous stars with milk mustaches. It makes you feel that all clever, famous and victorious people consume milk, so shouldn’t I drink up?

If dairy milk is full of growth hormone and not fit for human consumption, what else are you supposed to mix with your cereal, use for baking or add chocolate to? I’m not at all turned on by the thought of chocolate water.

I tried Soymilk for a while, but my friend told me it was giving him “man-boobs”, so I decided to keep looking. I’m currently using Almond Milk. So far so good, no man-boobs and no bovine growth hormones, it tastes great and since it’s made from almonds the fat is monounsaturated. So as you’re seeking something to pour over your all-natural, organic cereal, give almond milk a try, you’ll be lowering your bad cholesterol (LDL) and boosting your good cholesterol (HDL). Now that’s a milk mustache I’m proud to wear.

Written by Daniel Crouch, True Balance Health and Wellness
Personal Trainer & Wellness Guide.

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