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Got Fiber?

Recently my wife started using beans in some of our staple meals like tuna salad, scrambled eggs and turkey burgers. What started as a way to add “super foods” into our diet has turned into a household favorite. Not only do the beans add a dimension of texture and taste, they allow the same quantity of tuna fish, eggs or ground turkey to go at least 20% further. Now we spend less money per homemade meal, eat less saturated fat per meal and pass toxins through our systems more efficiently.
Black, Garbanzo, Lima and Kidney beans are great because they contain a significant amount of fiber, which gives you the feeling of being full. In addition, fiber absorbs sugar; thereby keeping your body from storing excess sugar as fat.

Most fruits and vegetables contain fiber. The problems occur when we extract the juice from fruits and leave the fiber (pulp) out, when this happens you’re left with all the sugar and none of the natural fiber to balance the digestion.
If you’ve had trouble losing weight, or always seem to feel hungry, try adding fiber into your meals; I believe you’ll be surprised at the “beanefits.”

If losing weight is not a problem, think about all of the other Health benefits.  Getting enough fiber in the diet can lower the risk of developing certain conditions:

  1. Heart disease. Evidence has been growing to support the notion that foods containing soluble fiber such as oats, rye barley, and beans can have a positive influence on cholesterol, triglycerides, and other particles in the blood that affect the development of heart disease. Some fruits and vegetables, such as citrus fruits and carrots, have also been shown to have the same effect.

  2. Cancer. The passage of food through the body is speeded up when fiber is eaten. Some experts believe this may prevent harmful substances found in some foods from affecting the colon and may protect against colon cancer. (However, a recent study conducted by Harvard University concluded that eating high-fiber food did not appear to protect people from colon cancer.) Additional types of cancer that are linked with over-nutrition and may be prevented by a fiber-rich diet include breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and uterine cancer.

  3. Diabetes. By adding fiber to your diet you can help regulate blood sugar levels, which is important in avoiding diabetes. In addition, some people with diabetes can achieve a significant reduction in their blood sugar levels and may find they can reduce their medication.

  4. Gallstones and kidney stones. Rapid digestion leads to a rapid release of glucose sugar into the blood stream. To deal with this situation, the body is forced to release large amounts of insulin into the bloodstream, which can make a person more likely to develop gallstones and kidney stones.

Written by DanielCrouch, True Balance Health and Wellness
Personal Trainer & Wellness Guide.

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