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The Benefits of Fasting

If you’re having trouble losing weight you might try spending one day per week fasting from food. Let’s be real, we could all skip a meal every now and then and not die from hunger, most of us carry enough fat for at least 30 days.

Aside from forcing your body to consume its stored fat, you force your mind to remember that you don’t “need” food every time you “feel” hungry, a lot of the time we’re just bored or using food as a way to cope with life’s issues. When you fast, you put yourself back in control; you remind your body that it does what you tell it to do. The body is a servant to your mind once again, not the other way around.

The physiological benefits of fasting are pretty hard to ignore as well. The enzymes that usually live in your stomach are relieved of their obligation to break down the steady stream of food and can venture into other areas of your body to break down toxins. Just like a maid that usually cleans up the kitchen after dinner; if there’s no dinner she can spend her time cleaning other areas of your home instead.

It’s also important to realize that the digestion process requires about 70% of your body’s blood supply. That’s why you aren’t supposed to swim or engage in any extreme physical exertion for at least an hour after eating. That’s also the reason you feel tired and lethargic after eating a large meal. It takes lots of blood to digest all the food you ate.

Consider this analogy: your stomach is like a forest, the food you eat is like a fire, and your blood supply is like the rain. The bigger the “fire” (the larger the amount of food) the more “rain” (your blood supply) is needed to put the fire out.

Your days actually will actually become longer. When you stop eating food, you free up about 20% of your day. When I fast, I realize how much time I allocate to the thought, preparation and enjoyment of my meals. By not stopping to eat, I’m able to stay focused on projects and get a lot more done in the same amount of time.

Then there’s the appreciation factor. Sometimes letting go of things can help us to appreciate them more. It’s important to realize how blessed we are to be able to eat whenever we so choose, not everyone in the world has that privilege. Fasting allows you to understand what lots of people struggle with on a daily basis, it will definitely make you more empathetic for the homeless and anyone else that has trouble meeting their most basic needs.

Every single time I’ve engaged in a fast, I’ve received a Miracle; it’s as exact as going to the ATM machine. Fasting reminds us that “man cannot live on bread alone” and in turn, our faith in God is refreshed. When we let go of the laws of the physical world and depend on God to provide for our every need, we begin to see things from a different perspective. Fasting will help you to align yourself with the greatest power in the Universe and learn how to move mountains.

Written by DanielCrouch, True Balance Health and Wellness
Personal Trainer & Wellness Guide.

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