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Traveling Exercise Series: Resistance Bands

Muscular Arms in Just 15 Minutes

In this short video, Daniel Crouch, of True Balance Fitness demonstrates how in just 15 short minutes you can effectively work out your entire upper body and keep your metabolism racing while you’re away from home. The best part about the resistance bands is that no matter what your fitness level is, there is a tension for you; red for beginners, blue for intermediate and purple for advanced. Plus, the bands are so easy to travel with, you can literally pack them in your shoes! Even if you aren’t looking to get a full workout in, you can use them to relieve any tension or stiffness caused by the rigors of traveling. 

The elastic bands, which are sold in various strengths of rubber tubing, have been an essential aspect of my fitness routine for the last 17 years. What started as a recommendation from our physical therapist coach to help keep a 12 year old baseball arm strong and free from injury also manifested significant strength in every other part of my body as well.

They've stayed with me over the years, and today there isn't any type of exercise that I can't accomplish with these trusty tools. The best part about the elastic bands is their ability to travel with you anywhere and take up virtually no space at all; they can literally be stuffed into your shoes, which consequently serves to keep shoes from getting smashed during travel.

Regardless of what your hotel facilities are like, the bands will allow you to at least maintain your exercise program while you're on the road. They come with a strap that loops over any fixed object, but the genius behind the loop went a step further and constructed them to be able to be tucked into the space between the door and the door jam as well.

For the traveler, or anyone that doesn't want to leave the house for that matter, it means that you can decide where to exercise; in front of the TV, near the kitchen, or next to the sleeping baby's room. All you need is a door that will close in order to get a great workout without having to actually go to a gym.

Even if you aren't in great shape, don't worry; the elastic bands come in all forms of strength and tension. I've used them with 80 year old clients, individuals rehabilitating from surgery and even the fitness elite. Due to the low impact nature, compared to actual dumb bells, there isn't much to be afraid of, besides a good workout. I recommend these to anyone and everyone.

Written by Daniel Crouch, True Balance Health and Wellness
Personal Trainer & Wellness Guide.

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