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Couch Potato Workout

From Couch Potato to Couch Commando

18 minutes of exercise you can do during TV commercials to stay fit.

95% of all Americans want to be in better shape, but who has the time to work out these days? I mean there’s so much good stuff on TV, when can you ever find a gap to get some exercise in?

America is suffering from an obesity epidemic that’s costing us billions of dollars every year. Our children are physically de-conditioned and the effects of cutting PE programs in schools has led to a significant rise in new diseases like ADD, ADHD and type 2 diabetes. 20 years ago these diseases were relatively insignificant, but today lots of children are taking some form of medication like Ritalin, Adderall or insulin. It used to be that only “old” people took drugs for their health, now it’s socially normal for kids to pop pills as well.

What can be done? What might help save us? I believe we should take advantage of the best thing that ever happened to the media industry: the commercial break.

I know what you’re thinking, “The commercial break? It’s actually the worst part of watching TV, they’ve even started showing them before movies and it drives me crazy.” It’s not necessarily the loud ads, aggressive selling techniques or catchy jingles that are important, rather it’s the 18 minutes of forced breaks (in a typical 1 hour television program). Instead of listening to someone try to sell you something, again, kill two birds with one stone and take those 18 minutes and make the best out of them.

Actually, a lot can be done in 18 minutes. Some people will run a 3K, complete six rounds in a boxing match, or play a few sets of tennis. Have you ever tried to do any physical activity for three minutes in a row without a break of any kind? It’s quite an experience. Your heart starts to beat rapidly, your lungs starts to burn and your muscles yell at you to slow down. You can get some serious results by working out for 3 minutes at a time.

So here’s a brief exercise circuit to help you reach the fitness status of “couch commando” without leaving the living room.

1.) 25 jumping jacks.
2.) 15 pushups
3.) 15 sit-ups
4.) 15 squats while balancing on the bosu ball you have stored in the living room closet
5.) 12 tricep dips using the edge of your couch as a bench
6.) 15 lunges (each leg) using your couch to lean on if you need it
7.) 15 side arm raises using the five pound dumb bells from the living room closet
8.) Dry yourself off with your small towel, your TV show is about to start again.

See, that wasn’t so bad, and you didn’t even miss a single second of your show. Now your heart is beating, you’re feeling the endorphin rush, you might be wearing a big smile, and you definitely feel better. The best part is that you have 6 minutes to recuperate until it’s time to repeat your circuit.

If you belong to a family, use the TV time to get some exercise with your loved ones. Maybe it starts as a competition of who can do the most pushups in a row, or sit-ups, or who can balance on one leg for the longest?

When you introduce competition, you engage creativity and set a goal for your group to shoot for. Imagine dad, mom, Billy, Susie and Fido exercising and laughing together as they compete to see who can do the most pushups before So You Think You Can Dance starts again.

Written by DanielCrouch, True Balance Health and Wellness
Personal Trainer & Wellness Guide.



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